Aveyron Fund Raiser – Herberger’s Coupons

couponHere’s another way you can support Aveyron, AND have some fun shopping! 

Aveyron is again selling Community Day coupon booklets for use at Herberger’s sale on Feb. 26 and 27.  For a purchase price (donation) of $5, you will get the booklet that includes a $10 off coupon on any purchase over $10, plus several other coupons to use for the two day event.  The only way to get one of these booklets is to purchase them from a non-profit organization that is affiliated with Herberger’s.  So, if you happen to miss the chance to buy a book and are in a Herberger’s store on Feb. 26 or 27, you can purchase a booklet at the store, and just tell the store personnel that you’d like AVEYRON to get the credit for the booklet sale. 

Herberger’s gives 100% of the $5 purchase price to non-profits, like Aveyron, that sell the coupon booklets.  Call our office, and ask for Kathy, to arrange to receive a coupon book.  320-587-6277.