Personal Care Attendant Services

Jackpot Dec 2011PCA Services must be:

  • Medically necessary
  • Ordered by a physician, for an eligible recipient, whose illness, injury or physical or mental condition creates a need for the service; and
  • provided under the supervision of a qualified professional or the recipient or his or her responsible party.
  • Recipients must be given a choice of either supervising PCA (PCA Choice Option) Services or having a qualified professional (PCPO Option) supervise the services. Aveyron is a PCPO and a PCA Choice Provider.

Prior authorization is required for all PCA Services paid for through Medical Assistance.

PCA Services are not covered for GAMC recipients, or non-pregnant enrolled in Minnesota Care.


PCA Services are available to recipients covered by:

•  Alternative Care Program
•  Medical Assistance
•  Minnesota Care Expanded Benefit set; (pregnant women and under age 21)
•  Waivered Service Programs including, CAC. CADI, EW, and MR/RC