Child D.D. & Related Conditions

boy looking through binocularsAveyron Homes operates a group home providing care for people under the age of 18 in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  Staff members help the children keep close connections with their families.  Parents are a very important part of the care team and help make every major decision for their children.  It is our aim to help the children live their lives as normally as possible within an environment of safety and support.

Aveyron Homes also provides support for parents who have their children with handicaps at their own home.  We are able to provide respite care in the child’s home or provide support staff for hours determined by parents and county case manager.  Staff can be in the home to care for the child while parents work, after school, and even nights and weekends, as needed.  This may help the parents keep the child at home even though parents work outside the home or have additional children.

Activities Include:

•  A day program – usually work or school.

•  Regular outings in the community for movies, shopping, meals, and other fun activities.

•  Vacations planned and staffed by Aveyron Homes, or sometimes by/with parents.

•  Medical care and supervision.  Our staff can attend medical appointments with or without a parent being present.  We have trained staff to administer medications and a Health Care Coordinator who monitors health issues and is available for consultation.